Robin Williams is an actor with two modes. He can be undeniably brilliant, a subtle, nuanced performer with a knack for portraying desperate loneliness and sadness. More often, he's extremely loud, mind-meltingly obnoxious and does a lot of zany voices for reasons that don't make much sense outside of the fact that Williams likes to do zany voices. So, which side of Williams are we going to see in 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn'?

Announced out of the Cannes film festival today (where it is seeking buyers), the film will star Williams, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, Melissa Leo and James Earl Jones. In other words, Williams has some very cool people backing him up. Overall, that cast includes three Oscar winners, one Emmy winner (Tyrion Lannister!) and one incredibly talented actress without any fancy awards but tons of charisma. Here's the brief but intriguing synopsis:

"...the story of a stand-in doctor who mistakenly tells an obnoxious patient he has 90 minutes to live. The medic tries desperately to locate the man after her comments sends him on a contrite tour of the city to right all the wrongs in his life."

The script was written by Daniel Taplitz ('Red Dog,' 'Chaos Theory' and more TV movies than you can possible imagine) and Phil Alden Robinson (best known for 'Field of Dreams' but he also directed the amazing and underlooked 'Sneakers') will sit in the director's chair. Robinson is a filmmaker without a completely distinctive style, so his ability to flip between genres and modes doesn't give us any indication what 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn' will feel like. The various descriptions of the project from the talent run the gamut from "honest" and "a very special film" to "nasty" and "funny," which are pretty much the standard words to use when you're trying to sell a comedy at Cannes.

Which Williams will show up to this film? The Williams who was so funny and moving in 'World's Greatest Dad' and put a humane and heartbreaking spin on his typical antics in 'The Fisher King'? Or the Williams who willingly participated in 'Old Dogs' and 'RV'? We shall see.