In the Hawkeye Disney+ series, Clint Barton and his family go to see a musical centered around the Avengers. Now tourists will get to experience what it’s like to see a weirdly uncomfortable Broadway show based on a Marvel concept when Rogers: The Musical is turned into a real stage show at  Disneyland’s California Adventure Park later this year.

In HawkeyeRogers: The Musical is just a short gag so Barton can make fun of the inaccuracies, but the production basically mounted a lengthy excerpt from the show, with music by real Broadway composers, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. If you managed to stick around through the credits of the last episode of Hawkeye without hopping into your next binge, you're treated to a full-length version of the track.

Shaiman talked about the possibilities you have in an Avengers musical back in 2021, explaining that there are plenty of avenues for the story to take.

There are a million things that you could create in a Marvel musical, especially with Steve Rogers. The fact that he exists in the '40s as well would allow us to write a whole lot of different genres, so the whole Marvel story would take place over decades. It would be a thrill to get to do that.


The official Disney Parks Twitter page has released a short teaser, which implies that the musical will be “Coming Soon.” The musical will be hitting Disney California Adventure Park as a one-act play sometime this summer.

The fact that Peggy Carter is the one looking at the playbill for Rogers: The Musical seems to suggest that she will appear in the show as well. (The Hawkeye version was basically just the one sequence inspired by The Avengers, so they’re going to have to write a bunch more material, even for a one-act show.

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