Don’t worry #teens, you’ll all be able to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when it hits theaters next month, as the MPAA has officially decided all those explosions and laser gun battles aren’t too scary for the youths. Rogue One got its PG-13 rating today, for “extended sequences of sci-fi violence and action,” which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since The Force Awakens was rated the same for similar reasons.

Chronologically — that is, in the order in which the films were released, not where they fit into the Star Wars timeline — the Star Wars movies have gotten progressively higher ratings. All three films of the original trilogy were rated PG and kept the action pretty tame, with little to no actual bloodshed. Two of the films in the prequel trilogy were also rated only PG, but the third, Revenge of the Sith, got slapped with PG-13 for, among other things, that particularly horrifying lava burns scene during Obi Wan and Anakin’s final fight on Mustafar.

With The Force Awakens and now Rogue One keeping with the trend, don’t be surprised to see the other two as yet untitled Star Wars episodes get a PG-13 as well. Gareth Edwards says that he considers Rogue One to be very much a “war” film, with a darker tone overall. It’s doubtful that Lucasfilm would consider going higher than PG-13, though, as Star Wars works best when it’s accessible to all audiences. The Dark Side can only get so dark, after all.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters December 16.