We knew that horror classic 'Rosemary's Baby' would look a bit different with NBC's upcoming miniseries remake, swapping the iconic New York setting for Paris, but it seems our new evil finally has a face ... or at least a womb. 'Star Trek' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Zoe Saldana will carry the load as NBC 'Rosemary's Baby' titular leading lady, executive producing the drama, as well.

News of the pregnancy casting emerges from Variety, who also confirm that the four-hour NBC remake will otherwise follow the 1968 Roman Polanski film's plot of a young couple who struggle to become pregnant, before the resulting conception drives Rosemary to increased paranoia toward her husband and neighbors' intentions for the child.

Says Quinn Taylor, NBC executive vice president of miniseries:

Zoe has proven that she is one of our most gifted actresses and we think she has the perfect combination of spirit and gravitas to take on the title role from Ira Levin’s infamous novel. With Zoe leading the cast under the direction of Agnieszka Holland, this reimagined event mini-series is off to a great start.

Scott Abbott and James Wong (‘The X-Files,’ ‘American Horror Story‘) will write the screenplay for the four-hour reboot, while Agnieszka Holland (‘Treme‘) will direct.

Well, what do you think? After 'The Sound of Music Live,' does NBC's latest attention-grabbing headline to impregnate Zoe Saldana with 'Rosemary's Baby' have you hooked? Take a look at the original below, and tell us what you think!