And in other Duncan Jones news… The first teaser for the director’s ambitious Warcraft finally arrived today, but that’s not all. Now that Warcraft is finally on the horizon, Jones’ long-developing passion project Mute is getting the attention it deserves, and it’s kicking things off with some great leading men. Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard have signed on to star in the smaller sci-fi film, reminiscent of Jones’ debut feature, Moon.

Deadline reports that Rudd and Skarsgard are the first to sign on for Mute, which centers on a mute bartender whose partner goes missing, bringing him into the orbit of some seedy gangsters on his quest to find her. When we spoke with Jones at Comic-Con, the director said he hoped to squeeze Mute in before Warcraft hits theaters next summer. Given the smaller — but no less ambitious — scale of the film, it’s entirely possible that Jones could complete post-production on Warcraft and have time to complete production on Mute before next June, which means we could see the latter as early as next fall or early 2017.

Jones took to Twitter to share the good news after promising an update on the film for the last couple of weeks:

As you can see, there’s a piece of concept art for the project, which has a sort of Blade Runner vibe, blending sci-fi with classic Hollywood. The movie is set in Berlin, 40 years in the future in a place described as “science-fiction Casablanca.” Skarsgard plays the mute bartender, whose romantic partner goes missing, leading him deeper into the city’s seedy underbelly in search of her. Along his journey, he encounters a pair of eccentric surgeons (one played by Rudd) who seem to offer the only clue to what really happened.

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