Rumors of the period and place setting for the Wonder Woman film have been all over the place. Since the film was first announced last year, we’ve heard that it will take place on Diana’s home of Paradise Island before moving to our world, with World War I, World War II and present day all thrown in the mix and talk of a plan for a potential trilogy. The latest rumor simplifies things a bit, but claims that the first Wonder Woman solo film will unfold across multiple periods.

The latest rumor comes from Den of Geek, who claim that Wonder Woman will take place during “three distinct time periods,” dividing the film into three acts, sort of like Steve Jobs:

The first setting will be Themyscira, the idyllic island Wonder Woman has called home since her adventures began in the 1940s.

The second period is World War I - the specific year we’ve been given is 1916, which places it right in the middle of that conflict.

The movie will then move to the modern day, where it will tie into the events of Justice League Part One, out at the end of 2017 and also set to star Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

The site also claims that it’s possible that Wonder Woman will have a different costume for each period.

Previous reports have suggested that the film would refer to Diana’s home as Paradise Island, the original name of the fictional Amazonian island before it was renamed Themyscira when the hero was rebranded in 1987.

Last fall, early reports of WB’s plans for the character included a potential trilogy, with the first film taking place on Paradise Island, where a mysterious man (love interest Steve Trevor, no doubt) arrives asking for Diana’s help, taking her to our world in the 1920s. The second film would reportedly move the action to the 40s and 50s, with the third film taking place in present day.

It’s likely that this early report was not very accurate, but it may have held a kernel of truth. We’ve heard many rumors over the last year, and each makes it seem more likely that WB has streamlined the story for one film, or that this three-act structure was originally mis-reported as a plan for a trilogy.

Somewhere in all of these reports is something close to the truth, but there are recurring bits of information that are probably accurate: Wonder Woman will likely involve multiple periods and settings, and the film will probably open with Diana on Paradise Island / Themyscira.

Gal Gadot will make her debut as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which hits theaters on March 25, 2016. Her solo film arrives on June 23, 2017.