Sure, the Russo brothers may keep themselves busy with the odd Marvel movie or two over the next few years, but why deny TV roots like Community or Arrested Development? After all, Showtime is in need of a new marijuana-focused comedy after Weeds, something the Captain America: Civil War directors have in mind to produce.

Per Deadline, Joe and Anthony Russo will executive produce a new as-yet-untitled half-hour comedy, written and executive produced by Zoolander 2 comedian Moshe Kasher, as well as writer/actor Zach Cregger. So reads the official plot synopsis:

The project focuses on a larcenous family of pot dealers whose world is turned upside down when their illegal enterprise suddenly becomes legal in their home state. As the family struggles to adapt to the strange new world of legitimate business, they are forced to depend upon the business acumen of their son, whose straight and narrow leanings have always made him a “black sheep” in this clan of reprobates.

Kasher himself has previously developed for Showtime, also serving as co-executive producer and writer to Comedy Central’s Another Period, as well as experience with NBC’s The New Normal, Guys With Kids, and TBS’s upcoming Wrecked.

The Russos will keep plenty busy, but will TV experience put their pot comedy ahead of the pack?

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