Creed cementing director Ryan Coogler as a major movie talent, and the future Black Panther director may already have an eye on TV. Coogler has begun developing a new series with Short Term 12 director Destin Cretton, set to focus on Minors within the juvenile detention system.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Minors takes inspiration from the real-life experiences of Coogler, Cretton and writer Chinaka Hodge, including Coogler’s Oakland upbringing and work in juvenile detention, Cretton’s experience working in residential foster care and Hodge’s work teaching under-served youths. Focusing on institutionalization, the prospective series looks at children growing up in the system, specifically how facilities influence youths over the span of a year.

As well per Vulture, an apt cross-section might see Short Term 12 mixed with the acclaimed fourth season of The Wire. The drama has begun pitching to networks, and sees Coogler partnering with Cretton to co-direct, with poet/playwright Chinaka Hodge serving as writer, all under Charles D. King’s media company.

Minors likely won’t stay on the market for too long, given all the talent attached, but what should we make of the prospect thus far?