UPDATE: According to THR, ‘Lost River’ will get a theatrical release in April after all—although the release will be limited.

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Hey girl, we’ve got some slightly disappointing news about your dream husband Ryan Gosling. Apparently even if your name is Ryan Gosling, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your directorial debut will get a theatrical release. Apparently, even if your name is Ryan Gosling and you are mega handsome and adored by millions, that artsy movie you directed starring Christina Hendricks and the 10th Doctor from ‘Doctor Who’ might still go straight to VOD—as if the name Ryan Gosling means nothing to these people!

As Variety reports, Gosling’s ‘Lost River,’ which premiered at Cannes this past May and earned mostly middling-to-negative reviews, will not be released in theaters. Instead, Warner Bros. has opted to send the film straight to VOD in April. Gosling made his directorial debut with ‘Lost River,’ a film starring Christina Hendricks of ‘Mad Men’ fame, Matt Smith of ‘Doctor Who,’ Saoirse Ronan, and Eva Mendes.

The movie, previously titled ‘How to Catch a Monster,’ follows the dual stories of a teen boy who discovers an underwater town, and his mother, who travels into a dark underworld while searching for her son. WB acquired the rights at the 2014 Cannes film festival, and curiously hadn’t announced a release date since then.

Although ‘Lost River’ has garnered some negative reviews, we still want to see what tricks Gosling picked up after working on both ‘Drive’ and ‘Only God Forgives’ with director Nicolas Winding Refn. Early word on ‘Lost River’ is that the film is definitely an artsy and dark fairy tale, and regardless of its overall quality, it still promises to be interesting, at the very least.