Scarlett Johansson is breaking the bank, big time. The actress is reportedly set to earn a pretty hefty sum for the 'Avengers' sequel. In fact, it'll be more than any other actress has earned from a single paycheck.

The New York Post reports that Johansson has signed on for the sequel with a hefty price tag attached: a cool $20 million. That's $1 million more than what previous record holder Angelina Jolie made for 'The Tourist.' Johansson is set to lead with the highest paycheck for any actress.

It's good and bad news, really. The good news is that actresses are proving to be more and more bankable, but the bad news is that this is still less than half of what their male counterparts make for a single film -- fellow 'Avengers' star Robert Downey Jr. reportedly earned $50 million for his role. Why are men still viewed as more valuable than women? Women continue to make less than men in almost every field, even acting, where beauty is of the utmost value.

Still, good on Ms. Johansson for her big payday. She's a talented, intelligent woman, and we feel as though her part in 'Avengers' was underrated. Hopefully this record-breaking deal will continue to inspire studios to see that women can be just as profitable as men.