Like most visionary directors, Martin Scorsese consistently has several projects in mind, from the long-gestating The Irishman to more recent developments, like The Devil in the White City. The director has officially extended his deal with Paramount through 2019, which means a few of those movies he’s been thinking about making will get made pretty soon, and he’s just added another project to that growing to-do list.

THR reports that Paramount and Scorsese have renewed their deal through 2019. The studio distributed the director’s last three films — Shutter Island, Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street — as well as his upcoming Silence, and the studio will officially stay in the Scorsese business because, let’s be honest, business is good.

The report also reveals that the deal covers a few projects currently in development: The long-promised The Irishman, which reunites Scorsese with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci (who hasn’t appeared in a film since 2010), and would also star Al Pacino — marking the first time Pacino and De Niro have starred in a film together, if you can believe it. Also in development is The Devil in the White City, which Leonardo DiCaprio will star in and co-produce based on Erik Larson’s book about the Chicago World’s Fair and America’s first, most prolific serial killer, Dr. H.H. Holmes.

In addition, Paramount is developing a biopic about legendary composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein for Scorsese to direct, based on a script from Spotlight screenwriter Josh Singer.

This report on Paramount and Scorsese’s deal doesn’t mention any of his other rumored projects, like a movie about the Ramones or his potential collaboration with Kenneth Branagh to bring the actor / director’s new stage version of Macbeth to the big screen — though with Justin Kurzel’s own Macbeth hitting theaters this fall, now may not be the time to work on yet another movie version of the play.

Scorsese’s next film, Silence, hits theaters in 2016.