While we all remember what happened the last time Sean Bean headed up a 10-episode series on cable, something tells us TNT's 'Legends' has a bit more stability in mind. The cable network has officially greenlit for 2014 the new spy thriller series based on the Robert Littell spy novel of the same name, starring Bean, Ali Larter and 'True Blood's Tina Majorino, but will 'Legends' prove the next big hit for TNT? Preview the new spy thriller series inside!

Just one day after greenlighting Michael Bay's apocalyptic naval drama 'The Last Ship,' TNT has afforded the same 10-episode treatment to upcoming Sean Bean spy thriller 'Legends.' Produced by 'Homeland's Howard Gordon, the new series follows the Robert Littell novel's plot and features a cast that includes Bean (replacing Brendan Fraser), Ali Larter, Steve Harris, Amber Valletta, Rob Mayes, Tina Majorino and Lux Haney Jardine.

Based on the Robert Littell spy novel of the same name, ‘Legends’ will follow undercover operative Martin Odum (Bean), who has the incredible ability to transform himself into a different person for each job. The operative’s own identity comes into question when a mysterious stranger suggests to the man that Martin isn’t quite who he thinks he is.

"Legends has everything you want in a good spy drama: intriguing characters, multi-layered plots, a terrific cast and lots of action and suspense," says TNT president Michael Wright. "At the center of it all is Sean Bean, giving an outstanding performance in an extremely complex and difficult role. We are very excited to work with Howard Gordon and his fellow executive producers, who have put together a truly extraordinary drama."

We'll save our jokes about 'Legends' killing off Sean Bean until at least the ninth episode, but what say you? Check out the 'Legends' trailer below, and tell us if you'll tune in for the 2014 premiere!

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