Based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, 'The Virgin Suicides' marked the directorial debut of 'The Bling Ring' helmer Sofia Coppola. Much like the new Emma Watson film, 'The Virgin Suicides' showcased Coppola's knack for capturing the world of teenage girls. 

Coppola went on to do 'Lost in Translation' and establish herself as a top directorial talent. As for the movie's young cast, some went on to bigger and better things while others were barely ever heard from again.

See what the stars of 'The Virgin Suicides' are up to these days below.

Kirsten Dunst, Lux Lisbon

Kirsten Dunst
Paramount/Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Then: Former child fashion model Kirsten Dunst portrayed rebellious Lisbon daughter Lux in 'The Virgin Suicides.' Dunst's big breakthrough came as an 11-year-old in 1994's 'Interview With a Vampire' (where she had her first kiss with Brad Pitt) and, later, her role as Mary Jane in Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' trilogy made her into an international star.

Now: Dunst was recently the lead in the comedy 'Bachelorette' and had a smaller role in 'On The Road.' She is set to star in the thriller 'The Two Faces of January.'

James Woods, Ronald Lisbon

James Woods
Paramount/Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Then: The Lisbon clan's reserved father Ronald was portrayed by James Woods. The fast-talking actor, who famously scored an 800 on his math SATs and attended MIT, first got widespread notice for 1979's 'The Killing Fields.' During the '90s, he had high-profile roles in films like 'Casino' and 'Nixon.'

Now: Woods was the title character on the series 'Shark' between 2006 and 2008. He will be in the upcoming biopic 'Jobs.'

Kathleen Turner, Mrs. Lisbon

Kathleen Turner
Paramount/Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Then: Kathleen Turner scored rave reviews as the overbearing and religious mother to the Lisbon girls. Turner had burst onto the scene with her sultry role in 1981's 'Body Heat,' and was one of the bigger actresses of the '80s thanks to roles in 'Romancing The Stone,' 'Prizzi's Honor' and 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' where she provided the sultry voice of Jessica Rabbit.

Now: Rheumatoid arthritis has slowed Turner's career, though she has had memorable roles in the Broadway version of 'The Graduate' and on 'Californication' where she plays an aggressive agent.

Josh Hartnett, Trip Fontaine

Josh Hartnett
Paramount/Alexandra Wyman, Getty Images

Then: Josh Hartnett was irresistible ladies man Trip Fontaine in 'The Virgin Suicides.' It was just his third movie, having done 'Halloween H20: 20 Years Later' and 'The Faculty' the year before. He later starred in 'Black Hawk Down' and 'Pearl Harbor.'

Now: It's been quiet on the Josh Hartnett front as of late, with his last role being the 2011 ensemble comedy 'Girl Walks Into A Bar.' Perhaps he'll mount a comeback with the upcoming films 'Singularity' and 'Parts Per Billion.'

A.J. Cook, Mary Lisbon

AJ Cook
Paramount/Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Then: Mary, the vainest of the Lisbon daughters, was brought to life by A.J. Cook. It was the first big role for the Canadian actress, who had started out as a dancer.

Now: For the last eight seasons Cook has played Special Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau on 'Criminal Minds.' In 2010, the show's producers decided not to renew her contract and drop her character. However, they ended up quickly bringing Cook back after protests from 'Criminal Minds' fans.

Hanna Hall, Cecilia Lisbon

Hanna Hall

Then: Hanna Hall played Cecilia Lisbon, the youngest of the girls and the first to take her own life. Lisbon had made her film debut in 1994 as the young verison of Jenny in 'Forrest Gump.'

Now: In 2012, Hall reunited with her Lisbon sister A.J. Cook on an episode of 'Criminal Minds.' Among her other recent credits is the movie 'Visible Scars.'

Leslie Hayman, Therese Lisbon

Leslie Hayman

Then: In her only film appearance, Leslie Hayman was the brainy Lisbon sister Therese. Sofia Coppola based the Lisbon sisters' style on her longtime friend Hayman before deciding she might as well also cast her as one of the girls.

Now: Hayman was last seen further showing off her style in a photoshoot for Coppola's Milk Fed clothing line.

Chelse Swain, Bonnie Lisbon

Chelse Swain
Paramount/David Livingston, Getty Images

Then: All the Lisbon girls were mysterious but none more so than middle child Bonnie, whose character was never really developed. Chelse Swain played Bonnie in her film debut.

Now: Among Swain's post-'Virgin Suicides' roles are the movie 'Tart,' which starred her sister Dominique Swain, and 'Georgia Rules.'

Jonathan Tucker, Tim Weiner

Jonathan Tucker
Paramount/Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Then: Jonathan Tucker played Tim Weiner, one of the neighborhood boys obsessed with the Lisbons. He had previously played the young version of Billy Crudup's character in 'Sleepers' and later starred with Jessica Biel in 2003's 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.'

Now: Tucker is known for his TV work, including a lead role on the short-lived crime drama 'The Black Donnellys.' He was recently seen on an episode of 'Bones.'

Hayden Christensen, Jake Conley

Hayden Christensen
Paramount/Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

Then: Before becoming the teenage Anakin Skywalker, Hayden Christensen was one of the teenage boys who escorted the Lisbon sisters to the ill-fated school dance in 'The Virgin Suicides.' The Canadian actor had gotten his start as a 12-year-old on the CTV series 'Family Passions.'

Now: Christensen is set to star with Nic Cage in 'Outcast.' He's been dating actress Rachel Bilson since 2007.

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