Released in 1979, 'The Warriors' has become a cult classic over the last few decades. Directed by Walter Hill, the film follows the gang known as the Warriors, who are framed by rival gang the Rogues for the murder of a peace-seeking gang leader named Cyrus. Over the course of the film, the Warriors are targeted by the local New York gangs and must fight for their survival and to prove their innocence.

34 years after the release of this beloved classic, we take a look back at the cast of the film and see what they're up to now. 

Michael Beck, Swan

Paramount/Getty Images

Then: Michael Beck played Swan, the "war chief" of the Warriors gang who takes charge of the group when they're framed for the murder of Cyrus.

Now: Beck went on to star with Olivia Newton John in 'Xanadu,' and made guest appearances on 'Murder, She Wrote' and 'Walker, Texas Ranger.' In 2005, he reprised the role of Swan for the 'Warriors' video game. Beck has also narrated several audiobook versions of John Grisham novels.

James Remar, Ajax

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Then: 'The Warriors' gave James Remar his first big role -- he played Ajax, a member of the Warriors gang.

Now: Remar had a recurring role on 'Sex and the City,' and he played Harry Morgan, father of Dexter Morgan, on 'Dexter,' which recently ended after seven seasons. He has also appeared in 'Django Unchained,' and can be seen next in 'Horns' with Daniel Radcliffe.

Dorsey Wright, Cleon

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Then: Dorsey Wright made his big screen debut in 'The Warriors' as Cleon, the Warriors' war lord who is beaten down by rival gang the Riffs when they believe the Warriors responsible for killing Cyrus.

Now: Wright also appeared in 'Hair' and 'The Hotel New Hampshire,' and reprised the role of Cleon for the 'Warriors' video game. He left acting in 1985, and now works for the New York Port Authority, though still occasionally does voice-over work for commercials.

Brian Tyler, Snow

Paramount/SlayKnotV1, Flickr

Then: Brian Tyler played Snow, a member of the Warriors gang. Tyler studied Tae Kwon Do and Judo, and was able to use those skills for the film.

Now: 'The Warriors' is Tyler's only acting credit -- following his role in the film, Tyler went on to become a New York state trooper. He retired in 2004. He says he's never been recognized.

David Harris, Cochise

Paramount/David Harris

Then: David Harris played Cochise, one of the Warriors who, along with Vermin, is seduced by a female gang called the Lizzies. As it turns out, the Lizzies are after the Warriors, too.

Now: You might have seen Harris on 'NYPD Blue' as Office Donny Simmons, or as a guest star on the shows 'ER' and 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.' His film career has mostly consisted of B-movies, like 'Black Scorpion 2: Aftershock.'

Terry Michos, Vermin

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Then: Terry Michos played Vermin, a member of the Warriors gang. Along with Cochise, Vermin gets split up from the rest of the group, and is seduced and almost killed by the Lizzies.

Now: Michos' final acting credit was in a 1982 episode of 'Simon and Simon.' He is now a news anchor for Cablevision in Wappingers Falls, New York.

Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Mercy

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Then: Deborah Van Valkenburgh made her acting debut in 'The Warriors' as Mercy, a wise-talking lady who decides to follow the Warriors.

Now: In the 80s, Van Valkenburgh starred on the ABC sitcom 'Too Close for Comfort.' She has appeared in the films 'The Devil's Rejects' and 'Backwoods,' and has guest starred on 'Ghost Whisperer' and 'Castle.'

Roger Hill, Cyrus

Paramount/TCMHitchhiker, Flickr

Then: Roger Hill played Cyrus, the leader of the Gramercy Riffs, who is shot and killed by the leader of the Rogues. His death is blamed on the Warriors, inciting a gang war. Prior to starring in the film, Hill had a role on the soap opera 'One Life to Live.'

Now: Hill went on to work in a Manhattan business college library. In 2006, he sued Take-Two Interactive for using his image and voice in the 'Warriors' video game without his permission.

David Patrick Kelly, Luther

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Then: David Patrick Kelly played Luther, leader of the Rogues and the one responsible for killing Cyrus -- the act that sets all the other gangs against the Warriors.

Now: Kelly appeared in David Lynch's film 'Wild at Heart,' and Lynch wrote the part of Jerry Horne on 'Twin Peaks' for Kelly specifically. He has since appeared in the films 'The Crow,' 'Flags of Our Fathers,' and 'K-PAX.' The actor also guest-starred on 'Gossip Girl' and 'Bored to Death.'