In case you were wondering what to get your sweet children for the holidays this year, LEGO maniacs have created their own LEGO set based on the movie 'Shaun of the Dead' that starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two bumbling blokes who woke up to a zombie invasion.

The incredibly detailed LEGO set (clearly created by people with way too much time on their hands) features the characters from the movie and the famous Winchester bar where most of the mayhem took place.

According to Geekologie, LEGO will consider the manufacturing of the set if over 10,000 people pledge to do so. I'm sure LEGO has said this to every nutbar who has come up with LEGO movie sets like the basement in 'Silence of the Lambs,' Camp Crystal Lake and the bathroom set from 'Saw,' complete with LEGO Jigsaw and gross looking toilet.

Click any of the pictures below to see more pieces of this creative LEGO set.

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