Shia Labeouf is pretty adept at teaming up with icons. He starred with Harrison Ford in the last Indiana Jones movie, is currently attached to join Robert De Niro in 'Spy's Kid' and now he may team up with Brad Pitt for the upcoming World War II movie 'Fury.'

The news comes from Variety, who report that the film is moving forward with Sony distributing and David Ayer (who also wrote the screenplay) directing. The movie follows "...the commander of a Sherman tank and its five-man crew on a mission behind enemy lines" and takes place in 1945 on the eve of the Allied victory in Europe. Pitt will play the commander and LaBeouf would play a member of his crew.

This will be Ayer's fifth film following the mixed success of 'Harsh Times,' 'Street Kings' and 'End of Watch' (he's currently wrapping up the Arnold Schwarzenegger-led action movie 'Ten'). It's definitely a change of pace for him as a writer and director since most of his previous scripts and films have been law enforcement stories set in the present day...except for his first screenplay, the WWII submarine thriller 'U-571,' which means that he's come full circle with 'Fury.'

The details about 'Fury' remain under wraps, but we do know that both Pitt and LaBeouf can wear period clothing with the best of them, so we think they'll look right at home behind the controls of a Sherman tank. When we learn more, you'll be the first to know.

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