First a show about Irish gypsies, then a well-endowed male prostitute and now a town where the dead come to life. The husband-and-wife creative team of Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson certainly come up with some interesting concepts for their television projects and Showtime is hoping their latest effort, a supernatural thriller titled 'Sleep No More,' will prove a hit for the premium cable network.

The 'The Riches' and 'Hung' co-creators are working with Fox 21, the same studio behind FX's 'Sons of Anarchy' and Showtime's 'Homeland,' on what Deadline describes as "a supernatural thriller (that) tells the tale of a town where the dead keep returning to life." Lipkin and Burson will executive produce and write for the show.

With so many supernatural-themed series on the air these days, it might feel like we've had our fill of vampires, zombies and other undead-ly tropes but Lipkin and Burson have a knack for quirky, outside-the-box storytelling. Though neither 'Hung' nor 'The Riches' were hits, you can't knock their originality. And with a home on a network whose slogan is "No Limits," fans of the supernatural genre should be looking forward to this one.

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