It had been a good long while since we heard anything from Showtime's mythical monster mash-up series, 'Penny Dreadful,' particularly since FOX announced intent of its own to feature a team-up series based on Alan Moore's 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.' But finally 'Penny Dreadful' has pulled ahead. Josh Hartnett and Eva Green will lead the new series, with Sam Mendes to direct.

Revealed earlier today at Showtime's panel presentation from the Television Critics Association press tour, David Nevins clarified that production on 'Penny Dreadful' will begin this October for a likely spring airdate. Oscar-nominated writer John Logan has reportedly penned all eight episodes of the new series.

From Showtime's official description of "psychosexual horror series" 'Penny Dreadful':

In PENNY DREADFUL, some of literature’s most famously terrifying characters – including Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula – become embroiled in Victorian London. The series weaves together these classic horror origin stories as the characters grapple with their monstrous alienation. This project marks Logan and Mendes’ second major collaboration, following Skyfall, their recent critically-acclaimed and box office record-breaking James Bond film, which Mendes directed and Logan co-wrote; and their first ever collaboration for television. The project will be produced by Mendes’ production company Neal Street Productions.

According to THR, Hartnett will take the role of Ethan Chandler, a "man of action and daring" who doesn't shy away from violence. Descriptions identify the character as charming and brash, but haunted by (figurative) demons and more complicated than he lets on. Meanwhile, Green will play female lead Vanessa, enigmatic with similarly haunted eyes and more composed. The character will come to prove herself "a force to be reckoned with and the heroine of the series."

We'll keep you updated with the latest from Showtime's panel, but what say you? Are you interested in 'Penny Dreadful,' now that Josh Hartnett and Eva Green have joined the ranks?

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