It was looking like the fall would belong to Robert Rodriguez as he was scheduled to have two films released back to back with 'Machete Kills' and 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.' But all that's changed today, as 'Sin City 2' has been pushed back into next summer.

It was announced today that 'Sin City 2' was moving from October 4, 2013 to August 22, 2014. That's a ten month delay, and -- considering the original release date -- the film should have been in rough shape by this point. Perhaps Rodriguez needs the extra time to tinker, or perhaps having two films in post-production right around the same time proved to be too much work.

It's also likely is that 'Sin City 2' works better as a summer movie, and the October release date could have worked against the film. With so much of 2014's release schedule locked into place, this move may have made the most sense. Surely there will be a reason given for the delay in the near future.

'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' stars Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, Eva Green (as the titular dame), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more in Rodriguez's follow up to his 2005 adaptation of Frank Miller's comic books. Hopefully the delay is for the right reasons, but at this point we won't know for sure for another fourteen months.