Now that summer's officially over, it's time to gear up for the big fall titles, and one of the biggest is the return of James Bond with 'Skyfall.' It's been four years since 'Quantum of Solace' came out, and now they've got an Academy award winning director at the helm. But can he deliver action?

From the trailers and this video blog, it looks like yes. Sam Mendes talks through the shooting of what looks to be a chase that starts on motorcycles and cars that race through the film's Trukish locations, only to end up on a train. Going by the footage in the previous trailers, yeah, this looks spectacular. And Daniel Craig makes an appearance in the video blog to say very little.

Of late, we've been hearing more and speculation about 'Skyfall,' and we've seen some some press that suggest the film has a near two and a half hour running time, and a PG-13 rating. The latter we believe because they're not about to make an R-rated Bond film, while the run time is anyone's guess (though Empire Cinemas is reporting 145 minutes, which at this point should be taken with a grain of salt). There was a test screening review posted to the IMDb that was mostly positive, but that review has since been removed, and many questioned if it was real or a plant. Regardless, here's the Video blog: