The 2011 French action movie ‘Sleepless Night’ has such an indelible, high concept premise that an American remake was inevitable. Now, after several years of being set up at Warner Bros., the new version has landed at Open Road and Jamie Foxx has signed on to star in the lead role. If a new version is half as much fun as the original, it will be better than most Hollywood action movies.

The news comes to us via Variety, who adds that Michelle Monaghan (‘True Detective’) has also signed on to play the female lead.

The lead role of ‘Sleepless Night’ is perfect for Foxx, who tends to gravitate toward action heroes who have a few shades of grey. He would presumably play the American version of Vincent, a corrupt cop who steals a massive cocaine shipment from a menacing drug dealer. In response, the dealer abducts Vincent’s son and holds him hostage in his massive, labyrinthine nightclub, demanding the the return of his drugs. And then the rest of the movie takes place in that nightclub. Seriously. Like, 95% of the movie is in this one building and it’s essentially one long action/suspense sequence full of fist fights and shootouts and double crosses.

There’s more to the movie than that (more characters arrive at the nightclub causing more problems, etc), but it’s really a straightforward action movie that uses its one location gimmick as successfully as it possibly could. It’s not a story built to showcase subtle performances, but it is built to show off impressive, creative action that makes clever use of a handful of rooms.

Since we’re not strictly anti-remake here at ScreenCrush and because we’re generally a positive bunch, we’ll cross our fingers and hope that everyone involved realizes what a cool concept they have on their hands.