We’re still about two weeks from SNL Season 41's Miley Cyrus premiere, but as anyone can imagine, the ever-enjoyable Donald Trump will prove an even more regular fixture this year, the series having missed out on months worth of parody. And lo, cast veteran Taran Killam has won the role, stepping in for SNL’s resident Trump portrayer (and current announcer) Darrell Hammond.

Per Deadline, Killam won out on the role from several auditioning SNL cast members, Hammond apparently not among them. That said, Hammond will put in several appearances reprising his role as Bill Clinton behind Kate McKinnon’s Hillary, both “expected to be featured prominently on the show next season”.

Now that all that 40th anniversary riff-raff is out of the way, SNL (and its newest additions) will get back down to business on October 3, with Miley Cyrus pulling double duty as host and musical guest. The following week will see comedy icon Amy Schumer taking the stage for the first time with The Weekend, while October 17 will bring Tracy Morgan out of recovery to host alongside Demi Lovato, a return not to be missed.

It remains to be seen if SNL’s new take on Donald Trump will prove so captivatingly hilarious as the real thing, but what else should we expect when SNL returns on October 3?

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