Ah, Saturday Night Live, one of the few places where you watch an actor pretend to be another actor while interviewing yet another actor, who is playing himself and is on hand to promote his upcoming movie based on a board game. What madness is this? It's Andy Samberg playing Nicolas Cage chatting with Liam Neeson!

There was a time when we all thought Liam Neeson was a completely stoic, serious actor, the kind of guy who always works with one eye on the Oscar. In recent years, he's cut loose quite a bit, chewing the scenery in films like 'Clash of the Titans' and 'The A-Team' and kicking all kinds of ass in 'Taken.'

Neeson is incredible at transforming his quiet intensity into a comedic deadpan, which makes him a perfect match for Samberg's Nicolas Cage impression, which reduces the the hairline-challenged thespian to a collection of bizarre tics with a penchant for terrible movies.