SNL has had only a moderate April, between hosts Peter Dinklage, Russell Crowe and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but fans can easily agree on at least one gem: “Space Pants.” Were there further need to settle the debate, SNL has obliged with full-length rendition of the interstellar track, Gwen Stefani and all.

Never you mind the arbitrary mob sketch that brought us there, SNL has released the full audio track behind Dinklage’s unforgettable April 2 “Space Pants,” in which the Game of Thrones star took the stage as “Jonathan Comets.” As you might imagine, the premise rests entirely on Dinklage drawing attention to his titular slacks, though the upbeat audio at least helps fill in the blanks.

Oh, and need we mention musical guest Gwen Stefani in “Space Shorts”? One could surely fill an entire album with garments evocative of a galaxy far, far away, but Peter Dinklage will more than suffice. The full sketch, for good measure:

In the meantime, SNL will return on May 7 with its penultimate Season 41 host in Room star Brie Larson, joined by musical guest Alicia Keys. We’re willing to call the season after “Space Pants,” but there’s always room to top it!

Watch the original sketch above, if you haven’t indulged.

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