Not long ago, it was reported that Disney was eyeing Chris Pratt to headline an Indiana Jones reboot, and while that was certainly some exciting news (even if Pratt is a fairly predictable choice), there wasn’t really much else to it. Now comes word that original Indy director Steven Spielberg is interested in directing the reboot with Pratt attached — seems like we aren’t the only fans of Pratt.

Deadline reports that Spielberg would like to return to the Indiana Jones franchise to direct Pratt in a reboot. That’s potentially good news, despite the disappointing Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Maybe with a new (very popular and charismatic) star stepping into the iconic role, Spielberg can once again deliver a great installment in the franchise.

But that’s all there is to the report for now, as there’s currently no script, and Spielberg won’t commit without the right screenplay in place. Pratt was Spielberg’s choice to lead Jurassic World, so the director is already clearly a fan of the actor, but since the project is just barely heading into development, it’s not clear if Spielberg will actually commit — nor has Pratt officially been confirmed for the role.

What this all boils down to right now is the delivery of a good script, and it will still be a while before that happens. Until then, nothing is certain.

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