There probably isn’t a huge fan following, per se, for Srdjan Spasojevic after his feature film debut A Serbian Film — it would probably be a little concerning if there was. Stylishly, artfully directed, it’s also one of those movies you can’t just get over a day later. With a plot that can only be described as a lot, A Serbian Film made it clear that Spasojevic is willing to get as crazy with a story as he damn well pleases, which is what makes the news of his next feature so intriguing. reports that Spasojevic is at work on Whereout, a supernatural horror-western that combines what sounds like a whole bunch of nutty genres into the kind of plot you’d maybe expect to find in a Stephen King novel. The news comes from Stephen Biro’s U.S. horror film DVD label Unearthed Films.

Here’s the description (per ComingSoon):

Whereout is a supernatural bare-knuckle oater about a man determined to face mighty powers to protect the woman he loves. Driven onward by the sheer power of his own will, he fights through unknown worlds to defend the small remaining tract of their Utopian paradise. As the unrelenting battle unfolds, so strong is his purpose and so ferocious his resistance that the Universe itself will tremble.

Sounds a lot more fantastical than A Serbian Film, though we shouldn‘t expect Spasojevic to tone down his style at all for this. Better keep an eye out.

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