As you may have heard, 'Star Trek' director J.J. Abrams has some different stars in sight for his next project; the man is the chosen one for 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' There have been conflicting reports regarding his involvement in the inevitable 'Star Trek 3,' but, regardless, do you want J.J. to return for a third film, or should someone else take over?

There are several factors to consider. One is that obviously Abrams will be tied up with with 'Star Wars' until summer 2015, when the film is expected to be released, so if indeed he were going to direct another 'Star Trek,' we wouldn't be seeing that released until 2016 at the earliest.

Then there are the mixed reactions 'Star Trek Into Darkness' has received. While critics generally enjoyed the film, it has severely divided fanboys and Trekkies alike. (Some of the severe haters act as if Abrams murdered a baby Tribble.) And it has underwhelmed so far at the domestic box office, taking in a decent but not otherworldly $84 million 4-day weekend. For their part, Paramount might be willing to give someone else a chance.

So these things considered, do you still want J.J. Abrams sitting in the captain's chair of the 'Star Trek' franchise, or would you like to see someone else take over?