As the new 'Star Trek' continues to build a legacy of its own, you can expect this debate to follow it wherever it goes: Who better nailed the pivotal role of Captain James T. Kirk? The original, William Shatner, or his successor, Chris Pine? Vote in our poll after the break!

Now, obviously this is a controversial poll. There will be a large contingent of fans who'll argue that there can be only one Captain Kirk, and his name is Shatner. The man created the role and subsequently became synonymous with it, and his irresistible charisma, combined with that special brand of over-the-top acting, is simply unforgettable.

However, it could be said that Chris Pine's impulsive, unfailingly arrogant Kirk is an even better representation of the character. And many (most?) can agree that he's the superior actor overall.

So who do you think tackled the role of James T. Kirk the best, William Shatner or Chris Pine?

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