This is a real heart-breaker: a terminally ill 'Star Trek' fan has one final wish to see JJ Abrams' sequel, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' before he passes away and doctors don't believe he will live until the May, 2013 release date. So let's help this Trekkie see the film now!

There's a post going around on Reddit from the friend and wife of a fellow 'Star Trek' fan, pleading for anyone to help them allow this dying fan to see the new film. In fact, that's such a humble request, that we don't see why JJ Abrams won't let this guy see the new movie in its entirety (which we have heard is completed, minus some CGI still to be added).

'Star Trek Into Darkness' doesn't hit theaters until May 17, 2013, but we think the plea below might just get this very special fan what he's wishing for:

My amazing healthy film buff husband diagnosed with leukemia (CML) at 38 had to endure 3 rounds of chemo before they found a bone marrow donor match had a Bone Marrow Transplant, which was MORE chemo, full body radiation & lots of other horrific things....then endured/survived 3 major infections + a massive GI bleed that put him in the hospital 10+ times over 3 1/2 years not to mention 100's of doctors visits.... he is my hero; I am his caregiver - I would do anything to help him...

...he is now ravaged by a new TOTALLY UNRELATED cancer, (isn't that a f**ker?) an aggressive and EXTREMELY rare vascular tumor that is crowding out his healthy liver tissue... they grew under treatment; there is nothing left to do but make him comfortable, at 41, he is jaundice & his liver is enlarged, his body has had enough, he has weeks to live.

So what can you, we, all of us do? Spread the word! Share this article with your friends, e-mail it to your mom, tweet at @Bad_Robot on Twitter...anything you can do to help. And we'll do our part, contacting Paramount Pictures to see what we can do. With any luck, our fellow 'Trek' fan will boldly go one last time.

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