We haven't learned much about JJ Abrams' sequel to 'Star Trek,' and that's expected with a man as secretive about his films as Mr. Abrams. But we've got some details on the new film, and unless you're looking to get spoiled hard, turn back now.

Fansite TrekMovie.com confirmed a few spoilers from 'Star Trek 2,' including the not-so-spoilery and welcome return of Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime (AKA Spock 1.0 or Vintage Spock).

More interesting is confirmation of Benedict Cumberbatch's role, which up until now had been left up to fan speculation. Cumberbatch will be playing the classic character of Khan, in a potentially polarizing move. Khan, originally played by actor Ricardo Montalban, made his first appearance in 'Star Trek' episode "Space Seed," and later starred as the main villain in  'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.' We've known for some time that Cumberbatch would be playing a villain, but Khan was merely a rumor.

The third and final confirmed spoiler is the inclusion of the Klingons in the film. Klingons have been a big part of the 'Star Trek' universe, and as TrekMovie.com notes, "Klingons were were originally going to be part of the 2009 movie as well – in a subplot where they had captured Nero and his crew after the destruction of the USS Kelvin, however those scenes were cut from the final release (but did appear on the DVD/Blu-ray). TrekMovie sources indicate that this time the Klingons are not a sub-plot that could be easily cut out of the film, so we will finally see the JJ-verse version of Klingons on the big screen."

It's mostly exciting news for Trek fans today, but the juiciest info is that Cumberbatch as Khan leak, which is sure to be extremely controversial in the fan community. Has Khan been done to death? Or can Abrams and Co. breathe new life into the legendary adversary?