And the first 'Star Wars' video game from Disney is exactly what nobody expected it to be: a free-to-play starship combat game. Hooray?

Up to sixteen players can fight it out in Star Wars: Attack Squadrons' space, with ships ranging from X-wings to TIE Interceptors... and maybe some other ships, too. So far those two iconic models are all we've seen thus far. That said, the game art also showcases the Millennium Falcon and Slave-1.

There will be three different PvP style matches to play, including Free for All (16-player deathmatch), Team Dogfight and Base Defense. You'll be able to customize your ship with rewards earned based on your performance. Developer Area 52 is also promising more content will arrive every month, so there'll always be some incentive for you to keep playing.

You can sign up to participate in the beta now over on the official site, but there's no official release date listed just yet.