By the time 'Star Trek: Enterprise' was cancelled after four seasons, it was if the world said "Hey guys, until you have something new or interesting to offer us, please go away." It was the best thing to happen to the franchise, as 'Trek' was rebooted and became a hit movie. 'Star Wars' should learn from that, especially after you watch this trailer for 'Star Wars: Detours.'

Or maybe you shouldn't, it's terrible and unfunny, and it's surprising that Seth Green - who does the normally reliable 'Robot Chicken' - and George Lucas signed off on this. This trailer is playing at the 'Star Wars' Celebration in Florida, according to Badass Digest, and it seems specifically geared towards people who want the reference to be the joke.

With no edge to the comedy (unless being slightly misogynistic counts), this trailer suggests that people who love 'Star Wars' have made their own 'Date Movie'/Friedberg and Seltzer level parody where there aren't so much jokes as references to things you might remember or know about 'Star Wars.' Though we'd never accuse the prequel films as being the worst thing in the history of cinema (at least not without a couple of drinks in us), at this point it appears that there's nothing good left in this universe except fond memories.

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