During Comic-Con, a rumor began circulating that Colin Trevorrow was attached to direct Star Wars: Episode 9. The convention came and went without Disney and Lucasfilm acknowledging the rumor, but during today’s live-action presentation at D23, the studios made formally announced the Jurassic World director to helm the final chapter in the new Star Wars trilogy.

The Star Wars trilogy will offer a trilogy of directors — following J.J. AbramsThe Force Awakens, Rian Johnson will direct Star Wars: Episode 8, followed by Trevorrow on Episode 9. The studio officially confirmed the news following the rumor from last month. Jurassic World was a pretty divisive film, with some criticizing the lack of good characterization and the overabundance of CG, but apparently Lucasfilm was quite taken with Trevorrow’s first big studio outing.

There are, of course, no plot details for Episode 9, which hits theaters in 2019. Trevorrow’s name was originally rumored for The Force Awakens, back when Brad Bird passed on directing the film. The director made an impression with his debut feature, Safety Not Guaranteed, and has also been attached to Book of Henry, based on the novel by Gregg Hurwitz.

The Star Wars portion of the D23 panel is ongoing, and we’ll bring you more news as it breaks.

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