We’ve yet to see how well Star Wars can expand crossovers of its cinematic universe beyond the upcoming films, but we may yet see TV’s Rebels interacting with its big screen brethren. Original Rogue One spinoff writer Gary Whitta has confirmed writing an upcoming Rebels episode, which could well establish some connective tissue with the larger universe.

Take this one with a bit of salt for the moment, but Whitta himself tweeted news of his writing a Star Wars Rebels episode, one SlashFilm speculates to belong to Season 3, given the near-completion of Season 2.

Whitta wrote the original draft of Star Wars’ first “Anthology” film Rogue One, before Chris Weitz was brought in to revise the script. Still, an amiable enough relationship with Whitta to allow work on Star Wars Rebels is a good sign, as does the timeline proximity, both Rebels and Rogue One taking place before the events of A New Hope.

In addition to the return of Clone Wars favorites Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano and Hondo Ohnaka, the second season of Star Wars Rebels will also feature the return of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, and even Emperor Palpatine, as voiced by Sam Witwer. Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, will also lend her voice to an unknown role, speculated to be that of a young Princess Leia.

We’ll see what Whitta has to offer of any connectivity between Rebels and Rogue One, but how might the small-screen and cinematic branches of Star Wars end up interconnecting?

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