Anyone who watched the the second season of Star Wars Rebels knew changes were in store for Season 3, and ahead of Star Wars Celebration, already we have our first look. An old friend returns (and can’t help notice Ezra’s major makeover) in the first official clip from the new season!

Ahead of the full Season 3 premiere, Star Wars Rebels released a full Season 3 clip from supervising director Dave Filoni, which features not only the return of Hondo Ohnaka, but a puberty-upgraded Ezra Bridger, complete with new lightsaber, haircut, and some serious skills. No Kanan, but check out the clip for yourself starting at around 3:40 above.

For the moment at least, details of Rebels Season 3 remain under wraps, though we’ll likely learn more of both Darth Maul and Ahsoka Tano’s fates, the latter of whom was given an especially ambiguous end in her duel with Darth Vader. Gary Whitta will also pen an episode, while certain rumors place expanded universe villain Grand Admiral Thrawn in place for a return.

We’ll learn more when Season 3 premieres at Star Wars Celebration Europe this week, but might Rebels Season 3 start leading into the original films?

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