With a new trilogy, two planned standalone films and a slew of new books hitting the shelves, the Star Wars universe is really expanding. We recently learned more details about some of those books as well as where they fit in on the Star Wars timeline, and now it appears that one of the new characters from an upcoming novel might make be making the jump to the big screen — and better yet: she’s the franchise’s first LGBT character.

The rumor originates over at Cinelinx, which was also the source of recent rumors that a live-action Star Wars TV series is being developed. As always, take this with your usual dosage of salt until it’s officially confirmed, but if true, this could be some majorly great news for the series.

The site reports that Moff Mors will be one of the characters featured in Star Wars: Rogue One following her debut in the upcoming novel Lords of the Sith. Mors is described as a very talented Imperial leader with a troubled past, who just happens to be a lesbian. The key words here are “just happens to be,” as her sexuality does not define her — nor should it.

Star Wars is such a rich universe, and big sci-fi concepts like this should allow for the inclusion of characters of all races and sexualities. Think about it: an advanced world filled with aliens and people of various shapes, sizes, genders and colors, where none of those surface qualities matter. Intergalactic, futuristic films provide us with limitless possibilities and often portray worlds more advanced than our own — which should allow for LGBT characters to also happily co-exist with no concern for their sexuality.

The Star Wars franchise attracts a similarly diverse fanbase, and all fans should be able to see themselves represented in the series, which is why the cast of The Force Awakens has been so exciting. More women and more people of color are always more interesting, and including an LGBT character is the next logical step.

Paul S. Kemp’s Lords of the Sith hits shelves on April 28. Star Wars: Rogue One hits theaters on December 16, 2016.

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