Much as we're anxious for a look at the newer, more "official" 'Star Wars' canon and the 'Star Wars Rebels' TV series to come, there can be no doubt that 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' left a number of threads dangling in both produced and unproduced material. Darth Maul's big return remains the biggest question mark, but we'll soon find out his fate in the last Dark Horse comic books!

According to Newsarama, one of Dark Horse's final-produced 'Star Wars' tales will be a four-part miniseries entitled 'Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir,' arriving this May and drawing on actual screenplays for what was to be the 'Clone Wars' finale. As fans of the CG-animated series well know, Dave Filoni & Co. had a good deal of material already completed before production halted and gave way to 'Star Wars Rebels,' some of which is expected to be released in DVD format.

Comic writer Jeremy Barlow even offered up a bit of insight into how 'Son of Dathomir' will pick up with Maul's story after his vengeful resurrection had been somewhat quelled by Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious on the series:

We’re making these as new-reader-friendly as possible, understanding that some folks will be coming to this series without prior knowledge of the television show. All you need to know is that Darth Maul has returned, that he’s really pissed off, and that his former master Darth Sidious is determined to put him back in the ground, permanently.

Beyond that, Maul now serves a Dathomir Witch named Mother Talzin and together they’ve raised a ragtag army of hired soldiers and criminals, causing all kinds of trouble for Sidious’ plans for galactic conquest. There have been victories and losses for both sides, and as we come into Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Sidious has captured Maul and stashed him away on a remote prison planet made of obsidian.

It remains to be seen where or in what form the 'Clone Wars' episodes will emerge in early 2014, though one sequence we’ve glimpsed before saw Plo Koon (James Arnold Taylor) in a previously unknown arc that delved into the oft-debated ‘Star Wars’ mystery of Jedi master Sifo-Dyas, beginning with the discovery of a discarded lightsaber on a desolate world. Another completed sequence explored the infamous “Order 66,” as a clone trooper suddenly became confused and turned on his Jedi commander.

You can preview the actual future ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ episodes in the video below, but what do you think? Are you glad to have Darth Maul's story wrapped up in comic form?