There are so many directions to go with possible 'Star Wars' spin-offs, and though one of the most appealing things about 'Star Wars - Episode 7' is that it wouldn't be more back-story, there's a rumor we may get stand-alone adventures from some of the characters in the universe. And word is that Yoda might get his own movie.

This comes from Harry Knowles over at Ain't it Cool News, and we'd love to believe him. He also mentions a possible Jabba the Hutt movie. But though there is a sense that the new films are meant to get back to the fun of the original trilogy, having a stand-alone Yoda adventure wouldn't necessarily serve as a prequel to the prequel trilogy as the Jedi Master had been teaching Jedi for over 800 years before we first met him in 'The Empire Strikes Back.'

This could also be interesting in that we've never seen a young Yoda before. In the movies he's always been old (all cinematic versions have been voiced by Frank Oz), and though we wish he hadn't been turned into a whirling dervish in the prequels and had maintained his elegant calm from the original trilogy, you can't shut that door at this point.

This also gels with the first missives about the new approach to 'Star Wars' and their desire to have three 'Star Wars' films a year. It seems Lucasfilm is looking at the Marvel model, and is going to maximize supporting characters into their own franchises. As there is no one attached and nothing firm, we don't know what to make of it, unless -- and this is a huge but not unreasonable stretch -- Zack Snyder's 'Seven Samurai' 'Star Wars' movie is about Yoda. Like all 'Star Wars' news, we'll be following this closely.

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