This is either good or sort of disappointing news, depending on how much you like the 2013 horror film Mama. Director Andres Muschietti has come aboard New Line Cinema’s adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror tome It, replacing previous director Cary Fukunaga and likely replacing much of his script, as well.

If you had been anxiously anticipating Fukunaga’s new adaptation of It, then THR’s news is reminiscent of that feeling you get when your mom marries someone new, and the guy is like, “Hey sport, it’s okay, I know I can never replace your dad and I would never want to. Just give me a chance.”

Fukunaga was previously set to direct both films in the two-part adaptation, based on screenplays he co-wrote with Chase Palmer. Per the report, New Line is currently seeking a new writer to come aboard and tailor the script to Muschietti’s liking. Muschietti is a competent director, and there are components of Mama that are really wonderful, but he was likely hired by New Line because he can deliver on a budget — horror isn’t exactly considered a prestige genre, even at the studio level, so what New Line (and WB, who shuffled it over to their more genre-driven subsidiary) wants is someone who can make this ambitious adaptation for much less than Fukunaga was planning.

The director previously parted ways with New Line back in May, reportedly over budget and creative issues. Muschietti recently signed on to helm The Jaunt, based on the terrifying Stephen King short story of the same name — no word yet if Muschietti still plans to direct that project in addition to It.

It’s also unclear if Muschietti will direct both parts of It, though his attachment to the second film may be contingent upon the success of the first.

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