The more I hear about Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic (which is based on a script by ‘The Social Network’’s Aaron Sorkin) the more I’m intrigued. Sure, we already have Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs film, and generally I’m of the opinion that once Ashton Kutcher’s weighed in on a given topic, there’s really nothing left to say at that point. But then I hear that Sorkin’s screenplay has a very unusual structure (supposedly it contains less than a handful of scenes, each around one of Jobs’ famous Apple product presentations), and I consider putting down my non-Kutcher bias.

Here’s another really surprising nugget of information about the film from an interview with Sorkin in The Independent. While the actor who plays Jobs (possibly Michael Fassbender, after both Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio had flirtations with the project) is in every scene and drives the film, Sorkin says he’s not the hero of the project. Here’s what he told The Independent:

In the case of Steve Jobs, it’s the relationships he had—particularly with his daughter, Lisa—that drew me to it. She didn’t participate in Walter Isaacson’s book, because her father was alive at the time, and she didn’t want to alienate either of her parents, so I was very grateful that she was willing to spend time with me... She is the heroine of the movie.”

The piece also notes that Steve Jobs initially denied he was Lisa’s father, but that they later reconciled and that she eventually lived with him during her teenage years. The fact that she didn’t contribute to Isaacson’s book (which Sorkin’s screenplay is at least loosely based on) means that it could add new dimensions to the story of this guy we already know pretty well from biographies and news reports and Ashton Kutcher films.