The ponytail. The spiritualism. The pot belly. The reality television. Steven Seagal’s ego is its own action star, and we kind of love to hate him for it.

When I was growing up nobody broke bones like Seagal did. He was also the king of action movies with three-word titles that I’ve never been able to keep straight: ‘Marked For Death,' ‘Above The Law,' ‘Hard To Kill.' ‘Under Siege’ broke the three-word title run, and was also the pinnacle of Seagal’s career.

In those days, he just ruled. But he’s always been “shrouded in mystery," and I think most have figured out that mystery is another way to say “lies." He keeps working and has coasted along on his flamboyant personality (and lots of gorditas) to this day.

“Get my pies out of the oven!” –- Casey Ryback, ‘Under Siege’ (And every day, in real life)