Sometimes a little break is all a creator needs to refuel. Since Steven Soderbergh returned from his film retirement last summer with Logan Lucky, he’s been as busy as ever working to churn out new films. He experimented with iPhone cinema in the delightfully twisted thriller Unsane last month, he’s been working on a sports drama from Moonlight writer Tarell Alvin McCraney, and now he’s got his next big project lined up, described as being in the vein of Spotlight.

The Playlist has the scoop that Soderbergh’s sports drama High Flying Bird – which has a phenomenal cast including Andre Holland, Zazie Beetz, and Kyle McLachlan – has reportedly finished post and is ready to go. With more free time on his hands, the website reports Soderbergh’s next project will be The Laundromat, an adaptation of two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Jake Bernstein’s Secrecy World, about the journalism team behind the Panama Papers. The film will be about biggest data leak in history in which an anonymous source leaked 11 and a half million documents from offshore firm Mossack Fonseca, revealing global fraud, tax evasion, and political corruption. You can see why the project has been compared to Spotlight, but I can only hope with the Soderbergh behind the wheel (and a less depressing subject matter) The Laundromat is a little more upbeat.

This project isn’t entirely new for the director though. Soderbergh was attached to produce and possibly direct back in 2016 before Logan Lucky hit theaters, and now he’s finally circling back around to it. Side Effects and The Informant screenwriter Scott Z. Burns has penned the screenplay and the project, which has been cast, but with names being kept under wraps. The film will reportedly shoot this fall.

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