When it comes to Park Chan-wook's 'Stoker,' we're... Well, we're stoked. Fox Searchlight just released this new promo and a gorgeous new international poster for the film to hopefully get you as excited as we are.

The studio has released this new promo video via Empire Online, which operates almost like a music video featuring the song "Becomes the Color" by Emily Wells. Like the two previous trailers for 'Stoker,' this new promo is atmospheric and captures Park's striking visual style -- like a brush going through hair with the ends becoming the grass of a field. It's some damn haunting stuff.

'Stoker' tells the story of India (Mia Wasikowska), a young girl whose father has died in a car accident, leaving her alone with her grieving and unstable mother (Nicole Kidman). But then an uncle (Matthew Goode) she never knew about comes to stay with the family -- he's mysterious and charming, but India suspects his motives are sinister. Without any friends, the young woman becomes obsessed with her uncle and discovering his secrets. If the first two trailers are any indication, things get pretty weird with the uncle and India's mother, but coming from the director of 'Oldboy,' we wouldn't expect anything less than unsettling.

Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

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