Like birds and planes out of the sky, Supergirl is swooping in all your old favorites for the final hours of Season 2. Not only is Tyler Hoechlin back in tights as Superman, but Calista Flockhart will reprise her role as Cat Grant as well.

Flockhart will reprise her Season 1 regular role for not one, but two episodes at season’s end, including the Season 2 finale. Like Hoechlin, however, The CW is keeping mum on the reason for Cat resurfacing in National City.

Both returns are a notable surprise for the Girl of Steel’s second season, as DC previously granted the CW drama license to use Superman for two episodes, while Flockhart understandably declined to make the transition from Los Angeles to The CW’s Vancouver production. Cat Grant appeared in the early episodes of Season 2 (as did Superman), before leaving National City behind to seek greater challenges elsewhere.

The CW super-dramas are on a hot-streak of fan-favorite returns, as Arrow is also bringing back multiple favorites from its Season 2 heyday (though not without a few mixed signals). Might The Flash follow suit with some of its own Super-stars?

In the meantime, Supergirl will return this Monday with “Ace Reporter,” so check out the trailer below.

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