If you thought Supergirl palling around with the Legends of Tomorrow was the last crossover tease you’d get before next week’s “Invasion!”, you’re in for a treat. Watch the epic extended trailer for the four night event, complete with Flash, Arrow, aliens, and all manner of inexplicable crap!

Not only do the Dominators finally get called by name in the two-minute promo, but we also hear the alien beings announcing their intentions rather menacingly:

We must exterminate your kind, before the scourge of your planet becomes the scourge of ours.

We’ll assume you’re more or less up to speed on everything else about the crossover (starting off in Monday’s Supergirl, but not “Invasion!” until Tuesday’s Flash), so let’s do a mini-breakdown of some of the weirder hidden gems of that trailer!

At around 1:08, it looks as if Barry and Oliver are using Eobard Thawne’s Gideon for a vision of past or future events, clearly noting something wrong with the timeline. Seeing as the Legends are encountering Dominators in the past, we’d guess their invasion isn’t limited to the present day.

Here’s an interesting one … at around 1:24, we see the combined heroes in some sort of press conference, addressing what appears to be A.R.G.U.S. members in formalwear (note the logo on some of their sleeves). It’s unclear who the figure at the presidential podium is (it might be the Arrow-verse POTUS, but definitely not Lynda Carter).

Around the same time, Barry delivers the ominous line “It’s been an honor to know all of you … to fight alongside of you. Now it’s up to you to keep our home safe.” He’s unmasked at that point, so we’d guess this is the same shot of him addressing the team from earlier, but why does it sound so much like a goodbye?

An earlier shot sees a Dominator activating some kind of red burst of energy, and we’d guess that ends up putting a few of the heroes in a blind rage, because what’s a crossover without a little hero vs. hero action? Not only is Oliver taking on Sara Lance at 1:37, but also …

… what appears to be Diggle in a brief frame at 1:39.

We’ve seen this figure on the right in a number of promos (not so much shooting lasers out of every appendage), but still haven’t the foggiest idea who she is.

Here’s a closer look at 1:43 as Barry and Kara celebrate a victory, but no ID on their attacker just yet.

Is that Diggle back in the Arrow suit at 1:44? At least part of Arrow’s 100th episode will take place as some kind of shared vision of what Oliver’s life could have been (probably while everyone’s trapped/podded on a Dominator ship), so is Diggle the Green Arrow in this brief alternate reality?

If a new trailer weren’t enough, there’s also a mammoth gallery of photos from the four-part event, not to mention a first official clip, or extensive synopses of all four outings (including Arrow’s 100th episode).

Just a few more days until aliens invade, so check out the latest “Invasion!” trailer below, and stay tuned for more on The CW’s big four-part “Heroes v. Aliens” crossover!

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