The CW’s Supergirl took a tremendous leap forward (in a single bound) for Season 2, finally putting a face to its version of Superman, but what of the Man of Steel’s nemesis? Get ready to meet Lex Luthor … oh, wait, Lex Luthor’s sister, and a host of new regulars when Supergirl moves to The CW this fall.

TVLine confirmed a total of five new characters arriving for the second season, chief among them the role of Lena Luthor, described as “in the 25-35 year old range, [who] arrives in town to get out from under the shadow of her infamous brother. She’s described as sexy and smart and determined to get what she wants.”

Oddly enough after the Superman announcement, that’s still more or less in line with Supergirl’s CBS ethos, which often added characters one step removed (Lucy Lane instead of Lois, Indigo instead of Brainiac) from core Superman figures. Other major additions for Season 2 will include Nick Farrow, a “brash leading man” who clashes with Kara at Catco (and is suggested to have a heroic side), and several figures that include “Maggie,” a potential adaptation of comic police officer Maggie Sawyer, noted as one of DC’s most prominent lesbian characters:

The remaining three roles are of the recurring variety, and include The Doctor, the diabolical female leader of Project Cadmus who uses her surgical skills to implant prisoners with alien technology (and who sounds a lot like Sterling Roquette); Snapper Carr, a veteran journalist appointed by Cat to remake the news division by going old school (not to be confused with the Justice League sidekick); and the comics-inspired Maggie, an out and proud detective for the newly formed Science Police, which deals specifically with metahuman and alien threats.

Mind you, we’d already heard that Season 2 would involve Project Cadmus (at least before the CW move), though it remains to be seen if Superboy will come along for the ride, or what might emerge from that mystery pod closing out Season 2.

We’ll likely hear more significant casting in the coming weeks, but who should take the role of Lena Luthor, or any other new additions?

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