Given though it seemed such a lucrative property like CBS’ Supergirl would soar into a second season, delayed confirmation has given fans cause for concern. And with good reason, it seems, as reports suggest CBS could drastically slash the budget for Season 2, even considering a move to The CW.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, but The Wrap reports that CBS and Warner Bros. have reached a minor impasse in negotiations for a second Supergirl season, given the $3 million per-episode price tag hasn’t quite matched Season 1's ratings. The October premiere netted a modest 13 million viewers, but lost close to half that by Season 1 finale “Better Angels.”

Both CBS and Warner Bros. TV are hoping to reach a compromise in time for the May network upfronts, though there exists at least an outside chance CBS head Les Moonves might push Supergirl to network branch The CW, a boon for genre fans of Arrow and The Flash, but one that would still bring heavy budget cuts for the DC drama. Supergirl sources flatly deny the CW speculation, though as The Wrap notes, it’s in their budget’s best interest to.

CBS should come to a decision on Supergirl soon, but would a second season bring even less of the spectacle that kept Supergirl soaring as high as it did? Would a CW move be worth the reduction, if only for easier contact with Arrow and Flash?

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