Oh, happy day!  Felicia Day, to be specific.  While an all-new episode of 'Supernatural' airs tonight with "Blood Brother," and another upcoming episode will feature the return of our favorite down-and-out angel Castiel (Misha Collins), we've just learned that another classic 'Supernatural' guest star will make her glorious return!  That's right, Felicia Day will be back as "Charlie" to dazzle the brothers Winchester, but when can we expect to see her?

We're supernaturally excited to learn from Twitter that Felicia Day will officially return to 'Supernatural,' following her appearance last season with "The Girl With the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo."  Day will reprise her role as nerdy computer hacking wizard "Charlie" (assuming she still goes by that) in the upcoming 11th episode "LARP and the Real Girl."

Day, babe-a-licious nerd icon and creator/star of the award-winning Microsoft web series 'The Guild' announced the appearance herself over her Twitter, saying “What better place to be on Halloween than on the set of #Supernatural? Charlie’s back! :)”  When last we saw the character, she was (literally) put on a bus out of town, asking the boys not to contact her again.  Whoops!

What say you?  Are you excited to have Felicia Day back on 'Supernatural?' How are you liking the new season thus far?  Don't forget to tune in for tonight's "Blood Brother!"

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