'Supernatural's eighth season is in full swing, as the Winchester boys have been reunited following the climactic cliffhanger of last season and the mission before them is clear.  But 'Supernatural' wouldn't be 'Supernatural' without a few side missions, so what trouble will the boys get into for the upcoming third episode, "Heartache?"  Is Sam ready to return to the life of a full-time hunter, or does seeing what it's done to Dean drive a wedge between the pair?  Check out the new clip for the latest!

Following last night's "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?," next Wednesday's all-new season 8 episode "Heartache" will be something of a 'Supernatural' side-trip, given that for now the trails on both Crowley and Kevin Tran seem to have gone cold.  With his new soldier-like persona developed in Purgatory, Dean looks to pursue every possible lead to stay active in the hunting game, while it seems Sam is content to find fresh produce at a local farmer's market rather than worry.

Where the last episode featured multiple flashbacks to Dean's time in Purgatory with Castiel and his new friend Benny, "Heartache" will concentrate more on Sam's missing year, including his new puppy pal and budding relationship with veterinarian Amelia (Liane Balaban).  Will the brothers be able to pull together when a case of missing hearts brings them all the way to Milwaukee?

Check out the newest clip from next Wednesday's all new 'Supernatural' "Heartache, and tell us what you think in the comments!