Supernatural’ season 7 jams a bone into its twenty-third and final episode of the season, as Sam and Dean take the fight to Dick Roman with a little help from Castiel and Meg, while Bobby faces a difficult decision in answering for his violent behavior.

Last week’s ‘Supernatural’ “There Will Be Blood” saw Sam and Dean working to find both Crowley and the last remaining Alpha for aid in destroying Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart)  and the other Leviathans, so what will the latest episode bring?  Does it matter, now that ‘Supernatural’ will be back for season 8?  Or even longer?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Supernatural’ season finale “Survival of the Fittest!”

With Crowley still trapped within the office, Dick attempts to barter with the demon community rather than destroy them, offering their kind free reign over Canada (No, not Canada!  Anywhere but Canada!).  In exchange for the Great White North, all Crowley needs to do is provide the Winchester boys with a false sample of his blood, so their  weapon won’t be able to kill any of the Leviathans.  With the logistics out of the way, Crowley pulls out a giant scrolling contract to signify their agreement.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean head to a local convent’s mausoleum, believing the bone of a righteous nun to be about as righteous a bone as possible for their weapon, while Bobby continues skulking about town while wearing the poor maid from the hotel.  Their bone in tact, The boys try summoning Crowley for the final vial of blood, though the demon fails to appear.  Instead, Meg knocks at the door, with a still-crazypants Castiel, observing  the quirky minutiae of Earth’s wildlife, and refusing to assist in the fight against the Leviathans.  Instead, Cas remains somewhat distraught now that he knows his entire angel garrison to be dead, and prophet Kevin Tran in the hands of the Leviathans.  But who has time to worry about such things, when Crowley finally shows up, smack in front of the angel and demon all the way atop his hit list!

Incredulous that the boys had attempted to keep from him both their pact with Meg and the survival of Castiel, Crowley still agrees to help the boys, selling out Dick Roman in the process.  After all, there’s no fun in settling the score with Castiel given his loss of marbles.  Back  in town, Bobby attempts to hijack a truck, but the touch of iron shakes looks his possession of the maid, who begs to be left alone.  Seeing the face of Dick Roman on a newspaper, Bobby once more possesses the poor girl.

Over at Sucrocorp, Dick’s nefarious plans become more apparent as he pulls out a human arm, the last living material of the real Dick Roman, while another Leviathan leads a dazed-seeming girl named Polly into the room holding Kevin Tran.  Meanwhile, the boys prepare their bone (it’s not what it sounds like), aided by delicious organic sandwiches from Castiel, while Dick meets with a number of fellow Leviathan heads to discuss his newest ventures.  While munching on fresh orphan sushi, Dick lays out the future plan to his subordinates, bringing in Polly to show her total obedience, and explain that a non-dairy creamer solution can be made to kill off any humans with undesirable genetic traits, like low body fat, or disobedience.  Without so much as blinking, Polly drinks the creamer that kills her then and there.

While Sam and Dean wait to make their move, noting that Dick seems to have made multiple copies of himself, , Sam eyes and chases after Bobby possessing the hotel maid, trying at all costs to stop him from entering the facility.  Blinded by rage, Bobby tries to kill his surrogate son, before catching his reflection chocking Sam shakes him out of his ghostly rage.  Meg later scolds the boys for aborting the mission, and when they realize Castiel might be the only one who can identify the real Dick, the angel nervously declines any offer to get involved again, in spite of Dean’s impassioned words.

Bobby appears once more, mournful of his earlier behavior, and having finally realized that now might be the time to go, lest his spirit rage grow any worse.  Noting the the boys too should go when its their time rather than linger as ghosts, Bobby asks the boys to burn the flask tethering him to this plane, to which they tearfully oblige.  Sad Winchesters are sad, yo.

The mutual loss of Bobby convinces Castiel to finally agree to help the boys in their battle against the Leviathans, something Dean has a bold plan in mind with which to mount: driving the long-stored Impala straight into the Sucrocorp logo!  While Meg provides said distraction, Sam sneaks in to free Kevin Tran, while Dean and Castiel skulk through the building looking for the real Dick Roman.  Sam finally liberates Kevin, but not before Kevin can insist that they destroy the laboratory manufacturing chemicals to kill the underweight.

Outside, Crowley’s forces recapture Meg, while Dean and Cas finally happen across the real Dick.  With some brief chit-chat of how Crowley always looks to betray them, Dean finally jams the bone into Dick Roman’s neck, who ultimately explodes in a pulsating shower of goo.  Strangely, with Dick exploded, Sam realizes that Castiel and Dean have disappeared as well, and Crowley appears to explain that not all of the Leviathans are dead, and he’ll be taking the prophet Kevin along with him as profit for his arrangement.  But where are Dean and Cas, you ask?  It seems those God weapons should come with a warning label…

Dean wakes up in a dark, spooky forest, with Castiel standing over him.  Cas explains that they need to leave, having been sent to Purgatory along with Dick Roman’s soul, and are far more likely to be torn to shreds than escape.  As the glowing red eyes of monsters surround Dean, Castiel vanishes from behind him as well.  Cliffhanger!

As underwhelming a season of 'Supernatural' as this has been, "Survival of the Fittest" at least gave a solid episode to go out on.  And with Supernatural being renewed for an eighth season under a new showrunner, we're almost more excited to see what happens next year, especially with Dean once again ripped from our world.  Purgatory seems like an exciting jumping off point for next season, and we got to say our emotional goodbyes to Bobby, putting a solid cap on 'Supernatural' for the year.  Plus, how badly had we been missing the Impala?!

Did you get your fill of ‘Supernatural’ action this season?  What did you think about the finale? Join us next season for all-new episode recaps of ‘Supernatural’ on The CW, and in the meantime, tell us what you want to see from season 8 in the comments!